Loser abuse and humiliation

humiliatrix abuse

Are you a sticky, ugly, dirty little pig? Are your hands filthy and covered in goo? I know you are just another porn addicted loser. Your addiction to jerking off has completely taken over your life. You lay around like a fat slob for hours jerking your gross little weiner. I know you are completely useless to women.  Guess what bitch, this is your only chance to get close to someone like me. You live a pussy free existence. When girls look at you they hold back their vomit. I know how nasty and disgusting you really are. Humiliation and Punishment is what you truly deserve.  You deserve a cruel mistress not a girlfriend. You would cum in your pants in my presence. Spare yourself the embarrassment and call me behind the protection of your phone.

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Babysitter Robs You Blind And Gets Hired Anyway.
Published Nov 22, 2017
Edging, Findom
I come to your house to apply for the babysitting job that you posted in the paper. You can’t stop staring at my breasts and thighs and have your own perverted agenda. You try to manipulate me into screwing around with you behind your wife’s back. I use what I have to make you cave and give me what I want instead. After torturing your cock until you can’t take it anymore and teasing you all along the way, I might just let you cum!
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